Vice's Guide to "Rock of Love" and Other VH1 Reality Shows

Oct 06, 2019 16:28
- VICE (@VICE) October 4, 2019

Vice is supposedly the gatekeeper of trends, but they are way behind the times when it comes to appreciating VH1's reality shows. More than a decade after the shows air, the network/magazine/coke-fueled-hipster-scum-pond has offered its guide on these classic shows.

Let Vice explain (4) of VH1's classic reality shows.

"If it's rap legends, boss bitches, and bodily fluids you crave, get a taste of Flavor of Love."

"If you stan stripper heels, giant breast implants, and hair teased to the heavens, look no further than Rock of Love."

"If dudes who look like Criss Angel get you going, pick Daisy of Love."

"If it's a group of lingerie-clad women flipping off outdated ideas of respectability you like, go with Charm School."

They didn't even mention I Love Money or Real Chance at Love, smdh



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