Celebrities React to Bernie Sanders Heart Attack

Oct 06, 2019 14:29

First reported as heart pains on Wednesday, then updated to heart attack on Friday

Sen. Sanders' presidential campaign events canceled until further notice after operation to insert stents due to artery blockage. https://t.co/LBGKXoiu6Y
- NBC News (@NBCNews) October 3, 2019

BREAKING: As Sen. Sanders leaves hospital Friday, his presidential campaign announces that he had sustained a heart attack earlier this week. https://t.co/05c0jJK2LX
- NBC News (@NBCNews) October 4, 2019

Here you go jarellano89


. The media was informed on Wednesday 2 October that Bernie Sanders, age 78, had suffered heart pains the night before, and had undergone a procedure to insert two stents for blockage in one artery

. The media was informed on Friday 4 October that Sanders had actually had a heart attack

. Sanders has cancelled campaign events but said he will participate in the next Democratic debate on Tuesday 15 October in Westerville, OH

Elizabeth Warren sent dinner to Bernie Sanders' team and shared some very kind words after his heart surgery - Upworthy #warren2020 #GetWellBernie https://t.co/XNpGdUPIkx
- ROSIE (@Rosie) October 5, 2019

Average Age of POTUS When Taking Office
[Not tracked by party; there were multiple parties in the early years, plus the platform of Dem and GOP switched in the mid 1900s]

The average age of potus when taking office = 56 yrs old

For potus in 1700s average age = 56
For potus in 1800s average age = 55
For potus in 1900s average age = 55
For potus in 2000s average age = 58

2000s are because Tr/mp was 70, without him = 52, or had it been Hillary = 56
Only 11 who took office were over 60, with 5 since the 1900s

More Celebrities This Way

Now that they’ve changed his battery, Bernie will keep going and going and going and going…

We love you and we’re with you. #Bernie2020 https://t.co/tVVT3TjYBA
- Susan Sarandon (@SusanSarandon) October 2, 2019

This whole campaign was Bernie with a BLOCKED ARTERY?? Can you imagine the force he’s gonna be now with it’s UNblocked?! GO BERNIE GO! 🐦 🐦🐦❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/UNMJVJTCkc
- Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) October 2, 2019

Feel better, Senator! We need you!
- Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) October 5, 2019

I was with him last week& he was a burning sun - “ @Torrancebernie: @AOC @BernieSanders crazy part isBernie has been doing all of that campaign with a clogged artery. Imagine how much stronger he's going to be when he gets back to the campaign trail man is a freaking beast.”
- John Cusack (@johncusack) October 3, 2019

Let @BernieSanders know you’re thinking of him today & his decades-long commitment to getting YOU #MedicareForAll & make a small donation to the campaign: https://t.co/r3og9MrIUx *doing it from an iPhone you can use ApplePay; it’s SO easy!❤️
- rob delaney (@robdelaney) October 3, 2019

I wonder what run-of-the-mill government appointed surgeon Bernie Sanders went to for his heart surgery
- Will Presti (@WillPresti) October 2, 2019

Remember when Hillary Clinton had pneumonia? Remember when then-VP Dick Cheney had a pacemaker implanted after having already suffered 4 heart attacks starting at age 34? Also remember when then-VP Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face during a hunting accident?


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