'Claws' and 'Dear White People' both renewed for Fourth and Final Season by TNT and Netflix

Oct 02, 2019 21:45

WE’RE BAAACCCKKKK. Sound on, you don’t want to miss this! pic.twitter.com/UAylUEdNeu
- Dear White People (@DearWhitePeople) October 2, 2019

Dear White People” has been renewed for a fourth and final season at Netflix.

#ClawsTNT fam, y'all ready for some big news? The Palmghetto gals will be returning for their fourth and final season!!! So get ready, we're celebrating this incredible ride in true boss b*tch fashion 😎 pic.twitter.com/neDZxRu3QA
- Claws (@ClawsTNT) October 1, 2019

TNT’s Claws has renewed for a fourth season and final season.


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