Ansel Elgort's thoughts on love, sex, and more

Sep 30, 2019 22:38

ONTD fave Ansel Elgort recently gave an interview in The Times UK (featuring photos by his famous father Arthur Engort). Sample quotes:

“I’d also like to find a lot more love. It doesn’t need to be sexual. I could be done sexually with my girlfriend. I think we’ve been pretty clear that I want to feel free to fall in love with people and that [option] should be open, but sexually it can be closed off.”

“I’m in love with a bunch of my male friends who I’m not interested in having sex with, so why can’t I put the desire to have sex with women aside and let myself have love with women? I love Shailene Woodley and we never had anything sexual and that was great. There will probably be some sort of chemical thing at some point that you can’t help, but you just have to be disciplined and not be a f******... we’re primitive beings.”

About his bathroom selfies: “I was hanging out and somehow-and this is almost embarrassing to admit-I just did a photo shoot with myself... I took a bunch of photos of myself and decided to post them because it was honest. I’m obsessed with the idea of not wearing a mask.”

Names Marlon Brando, Jimi Hendrix and Kanye West as men he admires for “breaking social constructs and not feeling pressure to conform to a certain thing.”

“It’s very important as an artist for your image to be right, otherwise you break the illusion. I look at myself from a bird’s-eye view a lot of the time and try to construct who I think I should be. That might not be the right move.”

He also started taking photos of the interviewer, who asked him with "awkward amusement" to stop, to which he replied “See, you got shy, but I’m capturing the moment. It’s a nice image. You look surreal. Your hair is done in a way that is both put-together and relaxed. Your earrings are artistic and tasteful. Your dress looks like a mother’s, so people feel very comfortable with you. You seem sophisticated.”


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