Drake angers, disappoints Brazilian fans during Rock In Rio festival

Sep 28, 2019 12:42

Depois dessa eu espero que o #Drake não ponha os pés aqui no Brasil tão cedo... pic.twitter.com/BINPtS7h7i
- motos in hawaii 🌺💖 (@demigodkatyx) September 28, 2019

after what happened, I hope Drake doesn't step here in Brazil any time soon...

Drake is in Brazil for the first time, he was the headliner of last night's World Stage in the Rock In Rio festival (ticket price for 1 day: R$ 525,00. Monthly minimum wage in Brazil: R$ 998,00. Drake's pay for Rock in Rio: R$ 16 million).

He managed to anger and disappoint the easiest fans to please in the world: Brazilians. Drake is being criticized for his diva-like attitude, rudeness to fans and shitty performance. He's been trending on Twitter non-stop since yesterday.

It all began when Drake completely ignored the fans that were waiting for him at the airport, passing them by without so much as a wave, looking sour as hell. One fan, disappointed after waiting for hours, yelled: "This is why Rihanna broke up with you!". Drake was compared unfavourably with Bebe Rexha, who earlier in the day had stopped to greet her fans, chat, sign autographs, take pictures, dance samba and even give out 1 free ticket.

Drake's fandom having no patience for the star's unfriendliness is already the best thing about this Rock in Rio: "this is why Rihanna broke up with you"

O fandom do Drake sem paciência pra antipatia do ídolo já é a melhor coisa desse Rock in Rio: “por isso que a Rihanna terminou com você” pic.twitter.com/4wkoznufWb
- Thiago Pasqualotto (@thiago_p) September 26, 2019

here's drake for y'all

TOMA O DRAKE PARA VCS pic.twitter.com/9XzqAVzF4B
- nanda (@nandarealves) September 26, 2019

Rock In Rio is traditionally aired live on TV network Multishow, and fans who can't afford to go to the actual festival or just can't make it, can see their faves on TV. Expectations were high for Drake's show, which was scheduled to begin just after midnight. However, the network and fans were unpleasantly surprised when Drake decided to pull his permission for the show to be aired on TV / livestreamed last minute. He blamed "the rain". Multishow then decided to re-air an old concert of Rihanna's instead. Brazilians loved this shade and Rihanna has been trending since yesterday.

Sorry to everyone about the @rockinrio livestream. The weather was unpredictable as it was pouring when I went on stage and we were unsure about the outcome of the show. My apologies on behalf of Mother Nature...I’ll be back for more!!
- Drizzy (@Drake) September 28, 2019

Boninho, one of the directors of the TV network, says Drake's excuse is a LIE.

It's not true! You messed up with your absolute lack of respect for the Brazilian public. Way before the rain, you had already blocked the transmission. You fired your light designer, you threw a fit. Simply didn't want to ok [the transmission]. A pity for your Brazilian fans.

Não é verdade! Vc pisou na bola por absoluta falta de respeito com o público Brasileiro. Muito antes da chuva, já não tinha liberado o show. Mandou seu light designer embora, deu piti geral. Simplesmente não quis liberar. Uma pena para seus fãs brasileiros.
- J.B. Oliveira (@boninho) September 28, 2019

come through, Rihanna, queen!

Pode entrar, @rihanna, sua linda! #VaiTerRihannaSim #RihannaNoMultishow pic.twitter.com/KHSDpDYzHv
- Multishow (@multishow) September 28, 2019

rihanna coming in and invading drake's slot

a rihanna chegando e invadindo a transmissão que era do drake #RockInRio pic.twitter.com/Bkr3rAwG84
- viaditto (@anittxparty) September 28, 2019

drake came to brazil for the first time and was outstaged by a rihanna concert from 4 years ago, rom pom pom pom

drake veio ao brasil pela primeira vez e foi ofuscado por um show da rihanna que ocorreu há 4 anos, rom pom pom pom pic.twitter.com/yS0M9ngRx2
- thomas (@swiftdiaba) September 28, 2019

For fans who were at the actual concert, the experience was not much better. Fans complained that the stage was very dark, and that they couldn't even see Drake, just a shadow.

us watching Drake's gig / I'll tell you one thing, I was right up close to the stage during Drake's gig, the man didn't allow lights to shine on him, people who were far away could only see his shadow on the screen! people paid to listen to playback and him cutting off songs in the middle! to sum up: worst show. Disappointment

drake muito chacota e estou zero chocada pic.twitter.com/k6J6eMdJDW
- crixiane ♔ (@keepcalmcris) September 28, 2019

not even people who went to the show saw Drake

Nem quem foi ao show viu o Drake #RockInRioMultishow pic.twitter.com/yQ6CpCawvK
- vini 👌🏻 (@8ViniciusSantos) September 28, 2019

the man is invited to Rock in Rio, doesn't accept the pay and asks for more, ignores fans at the airport, doesn't allow Multishow to air his show last minute, does playback and no one can see him in the dark. If there was any doubt as to why Rihanna didn't want him, the answer is: Drake is garbage!

O cara é convidado pro #RockInRio, ñ aceita o cachê e pede mais, ignora fãs no aeroporto,de última hora ñ permite a transmissão pelo Multishow,faz o show no playback e no escuro pra ninguém ver ele. Se vcs tinham dúvida do porq Ririhanna ñ quis ele,a resposta é:
Drake é boy lixo! pic.twitter.com/dgOU5ii63G
- Elyson M. (@elyson_mattos) September 28, 2019

I think Drake isn't even in Brazil, with this shadow show it could even be me out there doing playback at Rock in Rio

To achando q o drake não tá nem no Brasil com esse show de sombras pode ser até eu fazendo playback no #RockinRio2019 pic.twitter.com/bJ2bcdR0AG
- Caiq Cerq 🌈 (@caiquecerque) September 28, 2019

fans at Rock in Rio watching the stage looking for Drake in the middle of the darkness

os fãs no rock in rio olhando pro palco procurando o Drake no meio da escuridão pic.twitter.com/pQFyFtkM8y
- bi, sexy & ual (@nottodaychris) September 28, 2019

Some people simply gave up on trying to locate Drake in the dark ass stage:

here at drake's show but watching rihanna on multishow instead

aqui no show do drake porém assistindo @rihanna no @multishow pic.twitter.com/TNqamBJhvk
- luiz com s (@luizcoms) September 28, 2019

Brazilian media also reported that Drake had also seriously considered cancelling his entire performance last minute.

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ONTD, have you ever been disappointed by your fave?

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