Fiona Apple approves of JLO's use of her song "Criminal" in Hustlers

Sep 25, 2019 19:49

Fiona Apple Approves of Jennifer Lopez Stripping to Her Song 'Criminal' in Hustlers: 'I'm All for the Movie'
- People (@people) September 25, 2019

“Listen, I just want to say: I would give my song to Jennifer Lopez to dance to for free, any day, any time,” Apple, 42, said. “I really want to see the movie. If I were a person who actually left my house, I’d go.”

Regarding of how she feels about the response toward the music video for Criminal when it was released to its use now in the movie "The way it started, the video, all the crap I got - using this song now, and using it in this movie for a purpose I believe in, is like reclaiming it"

Fiona laters goes to add an interesting story about seeing JLO at a grammy party in the late 90s

"“I forgot to tell you my J.Lo story from like 1996 or ‘97!” she wrote, according to Vulture. “I was in NY at a pre-Grammy party (because I used to go to s- like that). And my sister Maude was with me, but she was on the other side of this big room filled with little tables and mingling celebrities and executives … So J.Lo’s album hadn’t come out yet, and nobody had started talking about her ass yet - and I swear I saw her (J.Lo), and ran to get my sister JUST to show her how beautiful that ass was - and the moment I pointed her out to my sister, J.Lo turned to speak to someone and her butt was just above table-level, and her butt knocked over someone’s glass of champagne and she didn’t even notice. It was glorious.”

As previously mentioned all money made from the royalties will be donated to [While They Wait], an organization that aids immigrants and refugees.


I personally think her response is pretty sweet. :)

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