'Kylie Minogue,' the Australian pop princess' experimental fifth album, turns 25

Sep 19, 2019 21:01

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Kylie Minogue, the Australian pop princess' fifth studio album and her first following an exit from Pete Waterman Entertainment (PWE) in 1992. The album's recording saw Minogue experimenting in a way she never had before, working closely with electronic trio Brothers in Rhythm and recording a song specially written for her by Pet Shop Boys; the result was a fusion of dance-pop, house, new jack swing, and techno that won critical praise and peaked in the top five in Australia and the United Kingdom.

"Confide in Me"
Considered by many to be one of Minogue's greatest hits, "Confide in Me" came together quickly: Brothers in Rhythm allegedly developed a demo of the track in under an hour, and upon receiving it Minogue recorded it one take at her Chelsea, London home. That vocal, along with some later recorded "embellishments," was ultimately used in the final mix, a sweeping amalgamation of dance-pop and Middle Eastern influences.

"Put Yourself in My Place"
For the album's second single, Minogue went with this trip hop-tinged ballad, written, arranged and produced by Golden Globe winner Jimmy Harry. A deeply personal song about moving on from a relationship, it stands apart as the only one on KM94 that was not recorded at Minogue's home studio. For the accompanying music video, the singer paid tribute to one of her favorite films, the 1968 sci-fi classic Barbarella.

"Where Is the Feeling?"
The third and final single off KM94, "Where Is the Feeling?" was at the time considered Minogue's least successful single to date, peaking at #16 in the UK and #31 in her native Australia. The song is also notable for having been expanded and remixed for the soundtrack of Bio-Dome, a 1996 bomb in which Minogue made a cameo appearance.

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#LOVERS - KM94 is celebrating its, wait for it, 25th anniversary! 😳Here’s some imaginary covers inspired by that album. 👀🤯 #ConfideInMe #PutYourselfInMyPlace pic.twitter.com/Iy2DU8XDGa
- Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue) September 19, 2019

Listen to the album in all its glory here.

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