Regal And Cinemark To Run Ads Closer To Feature Films

Sep 19, 2019 18:23

Regal And Cinemark To Run Ads Closer To Feature Films Under National CineMedia Pact
- Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) September 17, 2019

In an effort to get more people out of the cinema, Regal and Cinemark have teamed up with an advertiser to make you wait even longer to see a movie.

Those preshow advertisements ("This is Noovie! This is Maria Menudos!") can now bleed into the established start time by up to 5 minutes. Yes, that's before they start playing the 8 trailers.

Example. I go to see "Knives Out" at a Cinemark, starts at 11:45 AM.
I get in the theater at 11:15 and watch Maria interview nobodies for nobody programming for 15 minutes, interspersed with BMW commercials and Google Home shilling because the world is a capitalist nightmare.

At 11:45, when I should be seeing a whodunnit, Maria is still talking about god knows what, and then, the trailers start at 11:46. The trailers go on until about 12:10 PM. The movie ends up being divisive, children are crying, ONTD doesn't read, somehow Star Wars is dragged into it. If you still don't understand, read this.

The totally brilliant plan starts November 1st. Of course, Exhibitors will get a 25% cut of the revenue collected from the time waster spots. AMC has come out strongly against the plan.


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