Nicki Minaj's barbz harrass Safaree's fiancé Erica Mena at Rihanna's Diamond Ball

Sep 13, 2019 15:53

VIDEO: The Barbz calling out Erica Mena tonight at Rihanna’s #DiamondBall 🖤
- onika. (@HARDWHlTE) September 13, 2019

In a video captured by a Nicki Minaj fan, a group of "Barbz" pulled up on Erica Mena as she was taking pictures with some of her fans(?)

"You're a barb," her fans said over and over. Erica responds, "No I'm not, you wish." Someone on her teams tells the group, "She's her own person!" The barbz continue to harass Erica and her team, repeatedly calling her "a barb" and "Nicki's child." Erica tries to remain her cool and continued taking pictures despite the barbz poking at her the entire time.

Have you ever been attacked by a fanbase, ONTD?
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