ONTD Original: A Year Of Incest (in TV/Films)

Sep 11, 2019 15:36

Hollywood continues its fascination with the taboo subject of incest. Here are the top 10 storylines from some of your favorite / Is this any good? / I wanna get around to watching it I just haven't / Never heard of it shows and movies this year...

*Spoilers ahead*

10. Sanditon [PBS/ITV]

Characters: Sir Edward/Esther Denham
Relation: Step-Brother & Sister
Storyline: The series just recently premiered so its too early to tell where this story is going but Edward and Esther are giving off major jealously Sebastian and Kathryn (Cruel Intentions) vibes when Edward is tasked with finding himself a rich wife and Esther just "wants everything to go back to how it was" and isn't too happy to find out their other poor relation jerked him off in the woods. Jane Austen is turning over in her grave.

9. This Way Up [Hulu/Channel 4]

Characters: Aine/David
Relation: Cousins
Storyline: In a comedy of errors Aine thinks she's on a blind date with her sisters co-worker but instead its with her cousin from Ireland she's meant to be showing a good time. The "date" of course goes badly but she kisses him farewell anyways leaving him dumbfounded. When Aine gets home she calls her sister to spill the horrible details of her disaster date when she learns about his identity. oops

8. Ramy [Hulu]

Characters: Ramy Hassan/Amani
Relation: Cousins
Storyline: Ramy wants to connect more with his faith so he travels to Egypt to meet his fathers family to gain wisdom. There he meets a beautiful woman at a party that he instantly clicks with and is later surprised when he wakes up and she's in his families home. Turns out she's his cousin. But that doesn't stop him from spending time with her and attempting to take things further. There's some resistance but in the end they kiss.

7. The Lion King [Film]

Characters: Simba/Nala
Relation: Brother & Sister? Cousins? Both
Storyline: Even animated animals are not above intermingling. Sure its not talked about in the "live action" movie but actual lion prides are made up of lioness that are all related (mothers, aunts and daughters) and one male who does the siring. So odds are Mufasa is both Simba and Nala's father and their mothers are sisters. Yes your childhood was a big lie.

6. The Umbrella Academy [Netflix]

Characters: Luther/Allison Hargreeves
Relation: Brother & Sister
Storyline: Adopted by an eccentric billionaire to fight crime, Luther is (not so) secretly in love with his sister Allison his entire life. He finally makes his feelings known to Allison and they kiss.

5. Carnival Row [Amazon Prime]

Characters: Jonah Breakspear/Sophie Longerbane
Relation: Half-Brother & Sister
Storyline: Sure Jonah is uneasy at first to find out he is the product of an affair his mother had, he unknowingly fucked his half-sister and Sophie knew about it the whole time. But now that Sophie wants to marry him so they can become a united political force and create chaos through racist policies he is fully down.

4. A Simple Favor [Film]

Characters: Chris & Stephanie Smothers
Relation: Half-Brother & Sister
Storyline: Sure this movie came out September 2018 but i'm well within my 'one year limited incest warranty' redemption.
Stephanie hooks up with her brother Chris because he reminds her of their father who just died. They continue an affair for years and he possibly most likely definitely fathered her child.

3. Casteel Series by V.C. Andrews [Lifetime]

Characters: Heaven Leigh Casteel/Troy Tatterton
Relation: Uncle & Niece
Storyline: It wouldn't be a V.C Andrews book without some good old-fashioned incest. I didn't watch these movies but the interwebs tell me that Heaven falls in love with her Step-Grand-Uncle who later turns out to be her actual Uncle. whew! yeah...don't ask.

2. Game Of Thrones [HBO]

Characters: Daenerys Targaryen/Jon Snow + Jamie/Cersei Lannister
Relation: Aunt/Nephew + Twin Brother/Sister
Storyline: A tale as old as time, Boy meets Girl...inside the womb and wrecks havoc on thousands of people all to stay in power. The love that left many Jamie/Brienne shippers looking like clowns ended in a romantic embrace they did not deserve.
As for the Mother of Dragons and Smashing Nephews...That also did not end well with that flop bastard murdering Kelly C. The moral of Game of Thrones really was "trust no bitch".

1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina [Netflix]

Characters: Sabrina Spellman/Lucifer Morningstar
Relation: Father & Daughter
Storyline: Sabrina's bio-dad the Dark Lord returns and he wants a queen of hell at his side. Who better to marry than his unwilling teenage daughter. Chilling Adventures brings new meaning to ~daddy af~

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