Russo Brothers and ESPN team up for Superhero Fantasy Football League

Sep 06, 2019 21:31

We are extremely excited to announce the #AGBOSuperheroLeague. This Fantasy Football season, superheroes will compete for a share of AGBO’s $100,000 prize pool to be donated to their charity of choice. Stay tuned for updates throughout the season...
- Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) September 6, 2019

*Marvel directors Anthony and Joe Russo (through their AGBO production company) and ESPN are teaming up for a celeb superhero fantasy football league to benefit various charities.

*In order to compete, actors and actresses have to have taken part in a superhero film in some capacity.

*The league will consist of actors Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Ryan Reynolds, Paul Rudd, Karen Gillian, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Anthony Mackie, Michael B. Jordan, Elizabeth Olsen, Miles Teller, and Chris Pratt. Joe Russo and ESPN’s Fantasy Football analyst Matthew Berry will also take part (apparently he had a cameo in Endgame)

*After tomorrow’s draft (Elizabeth Olsen will select first, Joe Russo will select last) the league’s page will be open to the public to view each week at ESPN’s website.

*ESPN will feature segments on the league across their television and digital platforms, including trash talk commentary from the superhero participants.

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Gooooo Team Evans! 🏈 LOL! Who are you picking to win the Super Bowl ONTD?

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