Jimmy Kimmel Supports ALS research

Sep 05, 2019 10:31

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One of his staff members was diagnosed.
He's trying to raise money and awareness.
Offering a VIP guest trip/paid for/portrait painting as sweepstakes to raise money.


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dumpweeds September 5 2019, 17:11:53 UTC
ALS is so awful, my grandma died from it 10 years ago. I have a fear that it's genetic but only certain types are.


youdontknowme September 5 2019, 17:42:32 UTC
my uncle has ALS. diagnosed about a year and a half ago and was given 6 months to live. he's doing okay but it's horrifying to watch it progress. he used to be so active so it's hard seeing him like that


sparkagrace September 5 2019, 21:17:29 UTC
My uncle was diagnosed 7 years ago and was given 18 months but he's still around. It's extremely difficult to see him like he is now. I think the thing I try to remember most is to keep spending time and talking to him. A lot of the time when there's a lot of people around, my uncle feels a bit invisible so we try to have as much one-on-one time as possible. Sending you and your family lots of love.


justyourfaceha September 5 2019, 18:16:17 UTC
Autoimmune diseases are terrible and the fact that we know next to nothing about them is depressing.

My mom and my aunt both have autoimmune diseases, two different kinds. It's a terrible thing to experience a loved one go through and then of course there's always the question of it being hereditary and the fear that comes with that as well.

Having your life taken away from you bit by bit is heartbreaking. I wish there were more answers for people suffering with these diseases.


numbedtoe September 5 2019, 18:21:38 UTC
My cousin died from ALS. That side of the family is full of Huntington’s so that was what they had always worried about and then she got hit with ALS and she went downhill fast.

It’s a horrible disease and I support all efforts for a cure. It’s why I couldn’t hate on the ice bucket challenge stuff.


u_know September 5 2019, 18:54:34 UTC
numbedtoe September 5 2019, 19:35:20 UTC
I think it's a very personal choice to make. VERY. because yes we know the odds on it, especially when it's familial. but in families without huntingtons, well, i don't see too damn many folks opting out of having kids just because everyone dies of cancer at 70+, or heart problems. none of us are going to make it out of this life alive, and there are probably no good reasons when you look solely at genetics for anyone to have kids. and i'm very pro people having kids if they are going to be good parents, and us living our lives in spite of this world and all it's bullshit. genetic testing would have told you my mom should have had a dozen kids, but i got hit with some of the worst auto immune shit around. /shrug. luck of the draw i guess ( ... )


u_know September 6 2019, 19:06:49 UTC

aria_grace September 5 2019, 18:29:51 UTC

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