Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down (Clean Bandit Remix) + Swift References Years Old Memes

Aug 20, 2019 10:31

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Today, a remix of You Need to Calm Down by Clean Bandit was released. Maybe it will help the underperforming single rise from it's current #18 spot on the Hot 100.

On top of releasing remixes for songs that peaked weeks ago, Swift has been tumblr blogging a ton lately, as she does when her albums are about to drop.

Last week Jesse Tyler Ferguson posted a video on instagram, where he covers some Taylor songs or something

Taylor Swift reblogged the video with the following additional commentary:

Well, the Swifties thought this was comedic gold and reacted like she was headlining the Laugh Factory. Swift, of course, took the time to 'like' some over the top fan reactions on Tumblr, seemingly agreeing that she thinks she is hilarious.

Though Swifites are treating their Fearless™ leader like using the *Chef's Kiss* quote is peak originality, the meme actually originated over two years ago.

In addition to using outdated internet speak to appear cool and relatable, Taylor referenced ANOTHER moment from the Flavor of Love Television Universe. This time she liked a meme of Pumkin spitting on New York. Not only does this go against her "above all, women should be friends" branding, but also uses the B word, which she previously came out against. Interesting how the rules all change when you're promoting her album!!

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ONTD: Will Lover leak today?

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