Kirsten Dunst doesn't understand why people want to see her son on social media

Aug 18, 2019 21:36

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  • Kirsten Dunst is promoting her new show "On Becoming a God in Central Florida", which will officially premiere on Showtime, Augusth 25th.
  • She admits that she's really bad at social media doesn't matter how hard she tries.
  • Says that she doesn't understand why people want her to post pictures of her baby son (Ennis) on Instagram.
  • That's something she will never do because, in her opinion, children will find any reason to hate their parents and she doesn't want him to hate her for exposing him online.
  • All she had to say about the "Little Women" remake is that Saoirse Ronan is her favorite young actress and it looked good.
  • Claims that the older she gets, the less of a fuck she gives, and she's happy to look at her past and present self with more kindness because of it.

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