The Instagram model look is out, being replaced by the VSCO girl

Aug 18, 2019 10:40

Urban Dictionary calls them the "Tumblr girls of 2019," which is pretty accurate.

However, real life and social media are so blended together now that you're likely to spot a VSCO girl at your local mall.
- BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) August 16, 2019

The Instagram model has a successor, they're called VSCO girls, as in the photo editing and sharing app, notorious for its flattering filters.

A VSCO girl has a very specific list of items - a Hydro Flask water bottle (possibly covered in stickers from Redbubble), a scrunchie around her wrist, a crop top from Brandy Melville or oversize tee, handmade friendship bracelets, a puka shell necklace, and Birkenstocks or Crocs, has a Fjällräven backpack with a reusable metal straw inside, and she's whizzing past you on a Penny board. Her makeup is light and natural, topped off with Carmex lip balm. Her hair - likely blonde - has easy beach waves.

Basically, a rehash of a 2000s beach girl, to match the VSCO app's sun-drenched filters. It's an updated and somewhat less posh Marissa Cooper look.

It just kind of came out of nowhere but now lots of people are doing it. The aesthetic is not reserved to the app and has gained more popularity on TikTok and YouTube. The look is just as popular on Instagram. It also runs counter to the typical Instagram baddie look that's dominated influencer culture - think heavy makeup, Fashion Nova, and lip fillers.

Unlike the very put-together baddie look, the VSCO girl is meant to look effortless. They drive around in jeeps to watch sunsets. And taking pictures with their polaroids and disposable cameras.

The girls are mostly thin, and have enough money to buy the various high-end items the trend includes. Even Brandy Melville is exclusionary by design - it only carries one size, and that size is usually small or extra small.

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