Bruce Lee’s Daughter Says Quentin Tarantino ‘Could Shut Up’ About Her Father’s Portrayal

Aug 16, 2019 12:20

Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, is responding to director Quentin Tarantino’s latest comments: “He could shut up about it. That would be really nice"
- Variety (@Variety) August 14, 2019
Quentin Tarantino earlier defended the portrayal of Bruce Lee in his film citing a quote in a biography written by Lee's wife; "If people are saying, ‘Well he never said he could beat up Muhammad Ali.’ Well, yeah, he did. Not only did he say that, but his wife, Linda Lee, said that in her first biography I ever read. She absolutely said that.” The quote in the biography that Tarantino is referring to was not attributed to Lee himself but to a critic watching him fight.

When asked by Variety what Tarantino could do to rectify it, Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee said “He could shut up about it. That would be really nice. Or he could apologize or he could say, ‘I don’t really know what Bruce Lee was like. I just wrote it for my movie. But that shouldn’t be taken as how he really was.'”

“[Tarantino] can portray Bruce Lee however he wanted to, and he did,” Shannon Lee said. “But it’s a little disingenuous for him to say, ‘Well, this is how he was, but this is a fictional movie, so don’t worry too much about it.’”


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