LEAK: Britney Spears - Piece of Me (Robyn Demo)

Aug 15, 2019 09:48

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Yesterday, the producer demo of Britney's 'Piece of Me' with vocals by Robyn leaked online. Now, Britney-Online.Net has posted the extended full version of the song. Piece of Me was one of the final songs recorded for Blackout (2007). The song was written and produced by Bloodshy & Avant (Toxic) at the height of Britney's war with the paparazzi / media.

According to a 2008 B&A profile for 'Cafe', Britney had an unspoken rule about recording songs about her personal life, since she rejected 'Sweet Dreams My LA Ex' (which was a response to Justin Timberdouche's 'Cry Me A River' eventually recorded by Rachel Stevens).

The duo wrote the song with Klas Åhlund, on a day when Briney wasn't able to make it into the studio due to the paparazzi chaos surrounding her. Even though it broke all of the rules set by Britney, they sent it to her and she loved it! She eventually showed up to the studio and knew all of the words, which she learned in the car on the way over. It turns out, the demo that she "loved" was sung by Robyn, whose backing vocals are still heard on the final album mix of the song.

12 years later, Britney fans can hear the demo that inspired Britney to record one of her most well known singles!

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