vfx artists react to bad & great cgi 8

Aug 10, 2019 14:59

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  • niko, clint and special guest, blender guru, andrew are back! to react!
  • the guys discuss the worldmaking lighting in the lego movie, the good and bad of the monsters in the mist, the effects process that brought chappie to life in chappie, and the science behind the black hole of interstellar.
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that black hole engine

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rhapsodeeinblue August 10 2019, 20:10:39 UTC
I know Interstellar was/is polarizing but at the time it came out I liked it. As more time has passed, I've come to love it lol.

What made that black hole clip they showed in this video was the music though!

Inject it into my veins~


yeezus_christ August 10 2019, 20:19:44 UTC
i know interstellar was/is polarizing

my position on the movie has softened over time, but i will never forgive christopher nolan for "~love~ is the answer".

so many of the visuals--especially the black hole scene--though

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melancolour August 11 2019, 01:34:24 UTC
i actually loved the love nonsense, its more cohesive than trying to make up science we dont have yet

especially because the narrative explicitly judges and rejects love as a motivation at first as illogical nonsense


asnindie August 10 2019, 20:32:30 UTC
I used to be meh on it until I rewatched it in IMAX and was blown away. Also given recent output of Hollywood. I've come to appreciate it more and more. The ending scene gives me chills. Also the score is A+


polynucleotide August 10 2019, 20:28:34 UTC
the new hellboy has such bad effects o m GOD.


ljtryout August 10 2019, 20:29:34 UTC
i love this series. they go to such detail.

I kinda like the recent video they did of an R-Rated Captain America: Civil War

The scene begins at 13:55.


asnindie August 10 2019, 20:33:40 UTC
I felt sorry for the team who did the special effects after seeing the stupidity of Blomkampf on Chappie. Why would you do that. Seems so unnecessary.


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