Carly Rae Jepsen wants to release a Dedicated Side B!!!

Aug 06, 2019 18:21

While making the rounds to promote her latest album, Dedicated, one question that seemed to frequently pop up during her interviews was if she had any plans to release a  Dedicated Side B, similar to the Side B album that she released as a follow up to her critically acclaimed album, E•MO•TION.

Here's what the Prime Minister of Pop® had to say:

Carly Rae Jepsen Wants To Release "Dedicated" B Sides And I'm Screaming In Gay @carlyraejepsen
- Christian Zamora (@Christian_Zamo) July 17, 2019

DEDICATED SIDE B IS COMING! @carlyraejepsen #CarlyRaeJepsen #Dedicated
- BUILD LDN (@BUILDseriesLDN) May 29, 2019

According to a Reddit user who got to attend a Q&A at one of her shows, she's already narrowed the song selection for  her next album down to the top 40!

I did the VIP experience in Philly last night and someone asked a question if there was going to be a Dedicated Side B and if she could share a track title. While she didn't share a track title, she did say that she and her team have narrowed their list of songs down to their top 40!

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Which is better? E•MO•TION or Dedicated

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