Bradley Cooper helps Katy Perry on a boat and Oprah on a bike + Orlando Bloom photographs a cactus

Aug 06, 2019 15:08

A star is torn: Katy Perry gets a hand from Bradley Cooper
- Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) August 5, 2019
Google's vacation summit where the superrich travel by private jet and yacht to a Sicilian island to try to solve climate change just ended and the paparazzi photos of some of the famous people on the island have come out.

Katy Perry was having a bit of trouble getting onto a dinghy with Oprah and Gayle, but Bradley Cooper with a nose covered in zinc oxide sunscreen was there to help her in.
Come for Katy Perry struggling to get into a boat. Stay for Oprah’s look of utter delight and Bradley Cooper’s incredible sunscreen application
- Colette Fahy (@colettefahy_) August 5, 2019
Bradley Cooper later helped Oprah get started with what looks like an electric bike as they went for a bike ride.

Bradley was still wearing a hat because as we now know, he cares a lot about skin protection, but unlike Oprah, he was not wearing a helmet.

Oprah Winfrey gets a helping hand from Bradley Cooper as they head on a bike ride on a Sicilian island
- Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) August 5, 2019

Orlando Bloom also seemed to be making the most of this trip and was taking pictures of a cactus with a face drawn on it.

Orlando Bloom taking photos of cacti with faces is somehow very comforting.
- Claire Valentine (@clairevmcc) August 6, 2019


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