Killjoys 5X03 promo

Jul 27, 2019 17:44

Promo for 5X03, "Three Killjoys and a Lady"- 'After escaping The Lady's clutches and reuniting with Lucy, the Killjoy trio start to wonder if there is a traitor amongst them.'

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nomorefrostbite July 27 2019, 17:21:25 UTC


paradayto July 27 2019, 18:54:29 UTC

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walking_on_fire July 27 2019, 21:10:53 UTC


ivy_b July 27 2019, 21:27:30 UTC


paradayto July 27 2019, 18:55:39 UTC
i'm not ready for this to be in its last season!


demented_21 July 27 2019, 19:24:00 UTC
TURIN!!!! THE HAIR!!! "it's vintage" "SO ARE MY BALLS"

god i love him. i'm so glad he's back.

AND FANCYYYYYY. we still need more fancy, but i'll take what i can get.

also, the lady/khlyen segments truly creeped me out. in a good way. let's see where that goes.

the jonny/d'avin interactions remain iconique and hilarious and i love that we have them back. such a flawless dynamic that brings out the best (i.e. the bitchiest) in both of them.

but the zeph/dutch interactions also warmed my heart, and as someone who really liked pip i appreciated that entire moment, especially when zeph said she doesn't blame dutch. aw.

where is aneela though????


ivy_b July 27 2019, 21:30:59 UTC
Turin was so perfect. Fancy might have only had a short scene, but 'sexy people have feelings too' is iconic.

So glad The Lady isn't taking over Khlyen's body, I hope he figures out a way to play her/help his girls, without getting Jaq killed.

I loved having Johnny/D'avin back, their bitchy banter is the best.

I really appreciated all the Zeph-Dutch we got these two episodes, especially that moment Zeph said she doesn't blame her. I'm so sad she doesn't remember anymore.

They'd better give us Aneela soon and not like episode before last.


demented_21 July 28 2019, 14:52:05 UTC
lol ia ia, in just that one scene we were reassured that fancy retains the essence of what makes him fancy, brainwashed or not :')

mte. i thought i could see some guilt when khlyen picked his daughter (although i never thought he'd pick jaq to begin with), so maybe he has a plan?

jonny/d'avin is my everything. i just need more johnny/lucy, now that he has his memories back.

same :'( but i hope we'll get zeph back, and pree(!), and turin(!!!) and everybody. ia, i just hope it doesn't take too long.

and same goes for aneela. i hope she figures into, idk, khlyen's plan or something. i'd live for something like that :')


ivy_b July 28 2019, 18:49:41 UTC
Yeah, between a daughter he somewhat raised and is attached to and a magical grandson he never met... Not surprised he picked his daughter. I hope he'll try and figure some work around without getting killed. And I still need to know what Aneela is up to, show. I'm also hoping she either figures into Khlyen's plan or has one of her own, we still need to know what Jaq and Delle Seyah are up to (probably a way to get Aneela).

I miss Johnny/Lucy, the two seconds of them in 5X01 is not enough, I'm sure she'll be happy to have him back. I guess it's a good thing we didn't see D'avin and Johnny go through heartbreak and pain with the memories again, like Zeph did, since they were on the clock at the factory. Still, they bounced back quickly and got on board.

I love all the secondary characters on this show, I hope they won't wait till the end for them to get their memories back.


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ivy_b July 27 2019, 21:42:42 UTC

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