Bret Michaels's Teenage Daughter Says He Is Fine With Her Bikini Modeling Career

Jul 22, 2019 19:47

Raine Michaels, daughter of candle salesman Bret Michaels, says that her dad is fine with her modeling skimpy bikinis:

“Not all dads are super-supportive of their daughters going out to model in skimpy bikinis... But [my dad] has been in this ­industry for so long, he knows it’s not weird.”

Also, she has not seen her father's masterpiece, Rock of Love:

“I haven’t watched it. I’ve seen clips of it. But I don’t want to see it. It’s still my dad!”

OH, also, Buzzfeed posted nearly the exact same post that I did here There were no press releases or news stories about the candles... I got the story from reading his Twitter. Hmmm, did Buzzfeed get the story from reading ONTD?

ONTD, has Buzzfeed ever "allegedly" stolen a post from you?


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