Peppa Pig announces her debut album 'My First Album'

Jul 16, 2019 22:02

Peppa Pig My First Album is available to stream this Friday! 🎤Are your little ones excited? You can already listen to Bing Bong Zoo NOW!
- Peppa Pig Official (@peppapig) July 15, 2019

- Children's television icon Peppa Pig is now a pop star! She's releasing her debut album titled 'My First Album' which includes her single 'Bing Bong Zoo.'

- Her debut album will contain 16 tracks including 'Bing Bong Zoo' and 'Balloon Ride.'

- Peppa Pig is a global icon and her Youtube channel has 3.4 billion views and 8.5 million subscribers worldwide.

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A new pop girl is coming! Do you stan Peppa Pig, ONTD?

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