Taylor swift and owning masters, " Nightline"

Jul 02, 2019 15:26

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-"Nighline" broke down the Taylor swift masters buyout.

-They show an interview of when Taylor was 14 and just started at big machine records 1:37 mark.

- They say it's standard for record companies to own masters because the company is the one putting in the money for the artist to record and do videos, etc.

- It's said that it's the exception for an artist to own masters and they normally have to buy it back.

- They speak of Rihanna owning her masters, 7:00 mark,and Nipsey hussle rapping in a song about having his 7:11 mark.

- They say Prince really began the biggest fight for control in the 90s where he wrote slave on his face due to his fight with his record company (starts at 7:19 mark)" If you don't own your masters, your master owns you".

- After leaving warner brothers Prince did one off deals with record companies where he owned his masters and licensed his music to the company, so now there are up to 20, 25 record compinies releasing his music 7 :30 mark.


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