ONTD's Favorite People Vying for Elvis role in Luhrmann's Biopic.

Jul 01, 2019 18:40

Top Young Talent Vying For Elvis Presley Role In Baz Luhrmann Film https://t.co/9wCdZKm3sD pic.twitter.com/H2goCe4Uzj
- Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) July 1, 2019

In a film about Presley and his manager, Tom Hanks is the manager, but who could be Elvis himself?

Vying for the role include Harry Styles (One Direction), Miles Teller (F4ntastic), Ansel Elgort (Singer), somone called Austin Butler who will be in (Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood) but he looks like Artemis Fowl.

Warner Brothers will be producing the film.


I kept typing 'Elvis' as 'Evil' so....if you see it, call it subliminal messaging. Who do you want to play him?

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