Mean Girls 15th Anniversary: Inside story of the hit movie, told by the non-plastic cast

Jun 30, 2019 21:55

-Lindsey was first called in to be Regina but ended up being intimated by Rachel so she was perfect for Cady
-Blake Lively and Ashely Tisdale where almost cast in the movie

-Based on the book "Queen Bees and Wannabes" by Rosalind Wiseman (she actually came to my middle school when I was in 7th grade and made us do the close your eyes and raise your hand thing lol)
-They had to make Lizzy Caplan look way different then she did in real life.

-When Daniel sang "Beautiful" for real the only person actually in the audiance was his mom and he improved the "I want my pink shirt back"
-They all hung out together except Rachel who was more subdue and Lindsey but she was only 16 so it was kinda hard to

-Daniel and Jonathan both confessed to each other that they were gay during filming long before each would come out to the public

-Rajiv "I auditioned for Damian but got called back for Kevin G"
-Jonathan : "I was working at Abercrombie and Fitch, I was folding sweaters in front room "

Jonathan : "Being in Ariana's video was such a treat. When I put on the shirt and they straightened my hair, I looked in the mirror and it was like seeing an old friend. It just shows the power of Mean Girls - the number one pop star in the world decided to make the number one music video about the movie. There’s nothing bigger."

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