2020 Walk of Fame Honorees include Spike Lee, Julia Roberts, and Batman

Jun 20, 2019 21:06

Batman, Julia Roberts, Spike Lee among 2020 Walk of Fame honorees https://t.co/2pLYNzbWXe pic.twitter.com/fuIXCvJqW7
- Variety (@Variety) June 21, 2019
the newest inductees  for the Hollywood Walk of Fame (The stars on the ground) cut a swath though every lane of the entertainment industry, including television, crime fighting, live theater, radio and film.

New Inductees include:
  • Julia Roberts ("Pretty Woman")
  • Spike Lee ("BlackkKlansman")
  • Mahershala Ali ("Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse", "Moonlight")
  • Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson (Piece of shit)
  • Billy Porter ("Pose")
  • Chris Hemsworth (Flops)
  • Octavia Spencer ("Ma", "Zootopia", "The Shape of Water")
  • Batman ("The Dark Knight", "Batman", "Batman Forever", The continued joke that is the existence of the DCEU)

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