Emerging Artist LIZ Teases New Music

Jun 08, 2019 12:50

Me pretending to have patience while planning release rollouts. pic.twitter.com/WknAkT8kBJ
- LIZ (@LIZ_Y2K) June 8, 2019

Independent and emerging R&B artist LIZ (who is not affiliated with OP) revealed her next mixtape/album is already finished and that she is working on the artwork. And yesterday she teased that she's lining up the release schedules for the summer. This would be her first body of work since the under-appreciated 2016 Cross Your Heart Mixtape.

There have been leaks and previews for the upcoming LIZ project, one modern Y2K-tinged smash titled "Mickey" (Toni Basil is shaking) -

and one leaked instrumental snippet of a song called "Better Together" co-written by K*m P*tras -

Are you ready to be y2slayed?

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