ONTD Original: More ONTD Legendary Posts/Threads - Part 3

May 26, 2019 21:29

This is a follow-up to Part 1 and Part 2.

There are ONTD Post and there are ONTD Legendary Posts. Those that stand the test of time and become iconic years later. *click the titles to go to the post/threads*

Jennifer Aniston's Lemon Water

An iconic thread in which ONTDers don't understand what Lemon water is. What IS lemon water anyway?!

I know, bitch! I was watching!

That iconic post in which an ONTDer reveals she hooked up with Travis Barker while her drunk sister was watching.

R.I.P. Luigi

Nintendo decided to kill-off Luigi and made a huge deal about it. ONTD's reaction was appropriate and hilarious.

Bill Cosby: A Cinderella Story

A serious post about Bill Cosby's abuse takes a turn when an ONTDer accidentally posts a joke meant for other post...as the first comment.

ONTDer is in charge of Adam Carolla’s PR defense

When someone talks trash about Adam Carolla, his ONTD PR team steps in. The iconic long ass phrase has remained in ONTD's vernacular since.

wat... you made the post!!!

Classic ONTDer, being her fake surprised self during Mindy Kaling's pregnancy announcement post.

sorry, not all of us grew up on country music!

An ONTDer proves they do not know who Paul McCartney is...


ONTDer tried to be sweet and told everyone to call their grandma after Nancy Reagan died. It backfired when everyone revealed their grandma was dead.

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