Jack Whitehall hosts The Graham Norton Show with guests Gwendoline Christie, Luke Evans etc

May 18, 2019 15:14

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-Jack lists which scenes with Brienne he had seen
-Luke Evans talks about Gaston
-Peter Crouch hung out with Jack's mom and Jack joked that he might have a sister now
-11:35 Gwendoline talks about her theater experience and how some audience members were vomitting onto people in front of them
-Luke Evans was a hairdresser
-Luke Evans talks about the movie he did with Jennifer Aniston
-Gwendoline is adorable. She talks about some fashion show she did in which she looked like a sexy sea cucumber
-Luke Evans sings to Peter Crouch
-Peter Crouch was once asked what he would be if he weren't a football player, and he said "a virgin"
-Prince Harry asked Peter Crouch once: "Crouchy, how did you bag Abbie???"
-David Walliams and Peter Crouch are people's weird crushes
-Jack Whitehall asked the audience what their weird crush was and someone said Hugh Jackman and he thought they said YOU JACK, so he thanked them lmaooooooooo
-Jack says that David Walliams sold tons of copies of his previous book in 5 days, and David said "Only one person bought all those copies and that was your mother." and Jack was like "Nah, she prefers this one" *and he showed David Crouch's book* lmaooooo
-The woman in the red chair put Jack on blast for being rude last time she was in the red chair because he thought her story was dumb LMAOOo
-Jack's mom is in the red chair


Next week the cast of Dark Phoenix will be on the show, with Taylor Swift as the musical guest.

Who is your weird crush, ONTD?

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