New World of Warcraft cinematic released & World of Warcraft Classic release date is announced

May 15, 2019 18:32

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"Safe Haven" brings us the return of Thrall, aka Green Jesus, as Varok Saurfang asks him to come back and lead the Horde. This comes after Sylvanas, the current warchief, went from "she's not evil she's complex" to "oh no she's just plain evil".

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profetacinque May 15 2019, 23:40:17 UTC
I... never thought I'd see a WoW post on ONTD.

For the Horde. Let's stop ruining Sylvanas like GoT ruined Dany.


hubbabubbabb May 16 2019, 01:48:55 UTC
Tbh I feel like Sylvanas is going to die by the end of this expansion or the start of the next one. It's basically Garrosh 2.0, except she committed genocide against the Night Elves.


inwazyja May 16 2019, 05:29:26 UTC
Seriously, vhat vere they thinking vith the elf genocide.


damaliaraya May 15 2019, 23:41:03 UTC
Potato sack man returns! Tho he seems to have ditched the aforementioned sack. Good for him,

I’m alliance, always, but I’m excited for the one true warchief to return, even if it’s to smack our teenage High King around.

Vanilla. *sigh*


saturdaysinbed May 15 2019, 23:44:50 UTC
Sylvanas, the current warchief, went from "she's not evil she's complex" to "oh no she's just plain evil".

lmao wow guess there's never a good time to have a female leader in fantasy. what a sack of shit. thrall is awful and i miss playing this game with my friends/the friends i made in it but this bullshit makes not playing it more palatable.


shamanqueenanna May 15 2019, 23:45:30 UTC
I'm really confused where they're going with Sylvanas right now. Like they're making her do so much shady/evil stuff, but I'm still reading it like they want to make her redeemable? I don't get what's going on here, but I almost feel like Tyrande is going to end up being our punching bag (possible possessed by Old Gods or something?). I mean I'm kind of sad we torched a tree, but also Darnassus had an awful layout so eh.

Also why is Thrall so buff? I mean I know he was built before, but it appears he's spent all of his retirement going to the gym with his orc bros. Overcompensating for something my friend?

Anyway, just let me be a happy cow who picks flowers and doesn't have to decide whether to cross my warchief or not, mmmkay?


spread May 15 2019, 23:46:42 UTC
Man, Classic WoW was truly a one of a kind experience.

I'll never forget the massive parties in Goldshire.
My first "internet boyfriend", who I was low-key catfishing (LBR though, we both knew I wasn't girl IRL.)
And my first experience Raiding in a MMORPG.

I remember there was this period of time when WoW was so big and popular.
That it was causing people to have like "WoW Withdrawl" and depression, because how addictive it was.
Having a real life outside of WoW felt difficult.

Just such a fun game to get lost into and make connections with people.
I strongly remember before Burning Crusade and after, when the game really wasn't as fun anymore.
But still login everyday just to chat with the friends I made on there.


shamanqueenanna May 15 2019, 23:51:01 UTC
I really want to do a Lvl 1 Hogger raid like the good old days, but I'm not sure I'm looking forward to a grind and all the whispers to get a real spec because I insist on playing moonkin. I'll probably play some classic just for nostalgia but I don't have the time to grind for a mount like in the olden days.


spread May 16 2019, 00:01:57 UTC
OMG mount grinding!!
I forgot about that.

I remember on my first character, my night elf rogue.
I finally saved up all my money to get my first mount.
Only to open a random mail from someone and get scammed out of all my money.

Just a basic and baby scam but I had no idea what was going on.
I thought I won something in the auction house or some kind soul mailed me some money for some reason.
But nope, they were asking me to give them my money LMAO

I was such a dumb ass.

Longstong short, I had a mini-mental breakdown and took a short break from WoW...


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