New World of Warcraft cinematic released & World of Warcraft Classic release date is announced

May 15, 2019 18:32

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"Safe Haven" brings us the return of Thrall, aka Green Jesus, as Varok Saurfang asks him to come back and lead the Horde. This comes after Sylvanas, the current warchief, went from "she's not evil she's complex" to "oh no she's just plain evil".

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leomonade May 15 2019, 23:29:59 UTC
i never played this because i didn't have anyone to play with!

i play final fantasy xiv though


hoot May 15 2019, 23:33:24 UTC
Yeah vanilla was boring as hell if you didn't have friends to play with. It's an easy game to solo these days though.


adam_pally May 15 2019, 23:41:12 UTC
I keep trying to play but the controls make no sense to me. I used to play FF XI but the learning curve with XIV seems really steep compared to to WoW and even XI


leomonade May 15 2019, 23:52:15 UTC
omg it's so much fun!

i haven't had problems with the controls (i use a keyboard and mouse). do you use a controller? i haven't actually done that since a trial back on ps3 LOL

i always wanted to play ffxi, but i didn't have the best internet for it. i wish i could have experienced it :(


adam_pally May 16 2019, 09:41:43 UTC
I'm playing on PS4 so maybe that's why I'm having troubles. I'd probably have the same problem if I tried to use a controller to play WoW.

I loved FFXI but hated having to group for hours just to get a level. The worst part was you needed to chain kill everything to get max xp which is hard if you're constantly oom. The capital cities were lots of fun especially since I'd never played an MMO before.


leomonade May 17 2019, 00:26:28 UTC
you can actually use a keyboard and mouse on the ps4 version

you may try that!


su_metal May 16 2019, 00:14:11 UTC
wow gameplay/control set is the easiest and that's one of the reasons the game is so popular, for real


muffintiem May 16 2019, 02:54:42 UTC
tbh I think FFXIV and WoW are pretty similar in terms of how beginner-friendly they are, it's just that they're two very diff games with different play styles; FFXIV also has a built-in system with mentors that you can opt-in

you have class trials along the way as you level up that basically serve as mini-tutorials to teach you how to adapt your play style to new skillsets but also have a nice bit of narrative too

also I think FFXIV people are far more forgiving in dungeons just because there's no damage meters (without an outside app anyway)

the one thing I really like about FFXIV is the Main Story Quest; I look forward to each time there's an update--I haven't played in MONTHS and now I've got a bunch of MSQ to catch up

ALSO, FFXIV has better mounts HANDS DOWN (Fat Cat, Carbuncle, Cloud Mallow [basically a big dandelion], a giant Faberge Egg lookin one, Fat Chocobo, Fat Moogle)


leomonade May 17 2019, 00:27:07 UTC
the one thing I really like about FFXIV is the Main Story Quest

except that ARR patch content omfg


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