ONTD Original: 13 TV Healthy Relationship Goals

Mar 16, 2019 15:41

13. Joel & Sheila, Santa Clarita Diet

They're ah-ma-zing. Special props to Joel for dealing with his zombie wife and not freaking out (much).

12. Claire & Phil, Modern Family

I mean, yeah, they have their moments. They can be a bit messy sometimes, but they're still couple goals and very sweet to each other unlike Cam and Mitch.

11. Chandler & Monica, Friends

They were pretty sweet and considering how they got together and how many other shows used to make people hook up like crazy, it was nice to see them go strong for the next few seasons.

10. Jesse & Becky, Fuller House

They were adorable together and besides that plot in which she bribes the school to get her childre-- oh wait.

9. Ben & Leslie, Parks and Recreation

Adorable doesn't cut it. A love made in politics, their super-geeky attitude was so cute, and it was amazing seeing a man being the rock to a super powerful HBIC for once.

8. Marshall & Lily, How I Met Your Mother

They get engaged in the pilot, and they were each other's first everything. Also, the episodes when Marshall's dad dies still kill me.

7. Connor & Oliver, How To Get Away With Murder

What ended up like a hook up, ended up being one of the healthiest relationships (for a show where everyone has blood in their hands), also, it was a nice representation of a current mature HIV+ relationship.

6. Turk & Carla, Scrubs

For a time in which we didn't get that much representation, Turk and Carla weren't only good, they we're great. They talked through their issues. They got mad, but in the end they stood up for each other.

5. Nomi & Amanita, Sense8

They were an interracial lesbian couple, with one half being a mtf trans person. If that wasn't hard enough, Amanita shared her mind with other 7 individuals, and somehow they still were the best couple of the show. Even so that the final minutes of the show feature their wedding in Paris and their... orgy? I mean, it's healthy for sense8.

4. David & Bryan, The New Normal

Sure, it can be a bit preachy sometimes, but The New Normal gave us one thing that TV needed A LOT, a healthy, loving and real gay couple that were about to become parents. In a world where there's still a lot of critics of gay parents, this was a breath of fresh air.

3. Wash & Zoe, Firefly

THEY WE'RE PERFECT UNTIL FUCKING WHEDON HAD TO FUCK IT UP. I'm a leaf on the wind..., still Zoe and Wash were great, if you consider all the threats that come with being a space cowboy thief.

2. Burt & Virginia, Raising Hope

Sure, they fucked up and had their baby when they were teens, but Burt and Virginia's love kept going strong 20+ years end, and were a true role model for Jimmy.

1. Brad & Jane, Happy Endings


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