Academy members call out obsolete dingbat Steven Spielberg on his Netflix hate

Mar 05, 2019 21:40

“As much as I respect Steven and revere him as a filmmaker, he’s not reading the tea leaves. That ship has sailed," said Stu Zakim, an Academy member and veteran publicist who worked on previous Spielberg releases
- Variety (@Variety) March 6, 2019

Continuing the saga of Steven Spielberg vs. the 21st century, Academy members and filmmakers are calling out the famed director's utter derision of Netflix. Spielberg believes that Netflix movies - even if they do get a theatrical release of any kind - should not be eligible for Oscars, and only Emmys. This is coming up again after 'Roma', Netflix's pride and joy, won three Oscars this year.

Some thoughts from Academy members, from Variety:

-- Publicist Stu Zakim: "As much as I respect Steven and revere him as a filmmaker, he’s not reading the tea leaves. The ship has sailed."
-- Actress Julianne Moore: "On the one hand change happens all the time and we adapt. On the other hand there are valid and beautiful ways to view films that are disappearing."
-- Director Joe Berlinger: "As an Academy member I am concerned about the Academy staying relevant and understanding the seismic shifts that are happening in how people consume entertainment, and a small theatrical release followed up by a global streaming release is the future of viewing for my daughters’ generation."
-- Actor Charlie Hunnam: "I think that Netflix is being really, really daring in their willingness to take a gamble on original adult programming."

More opinions and thoughts at the source. I should note that a few of the people interviewed (including Charlie) have projects that have/will be released by Netflix soon, so there's a bias there.


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