Gay comedians defend Sarah Silverman amid Kevin Hart Oscars row

Dec 11, 2018 16:04

Gay comedians defend Sarah Silverman amid Kevin Hart Oscars row
- The Independent (@Independent) December 11, 2018

Several gay comedians came to Sarah's defense after Nick Cannon tried to compare her, along with Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler, to Kevin Hart over the fall-out of the comedian stepping down as oscar host after his refusal to apologize for his homophobic jokes.


Billy Eichner tweeted that while he didn't think people should use the f-word, he believes the context and intent was different with Hart than it was with the other comedians Cannon listed.

People have been tweeting me for my thoughts on Nick Cannon’s tweets. I obviously can’t speak for the entire LGBTQ community. But here’s my personal opinion for those who care, which is probably not that many people. #SundayFunday
- billy eichner (@billyeichner) December 10, 2018

Guy Branum and Louis Virtel have also come to Sarah's defense.

Sarah has practically gone joke by joke through her old catalog and apologized for material she wouldn't say now, with specific reasoning. She has never been above criticism and it is ridiculous she's being compared to him.
- Louis Virtel (@louisvirtel) December 10, 2018

Author Greg Hogben tweeted that whereas Silverman, Schumer, and Handler were all allies, Hart's humor about not wanting a gay child felt malicious (full thread here).

I can’t say the same for Kevin Hart. I can't find a history of helping at risk LGBT youth. To be honest, his tweets and his stand-up gig saying he’d ‘do anything not to have a gay son,' made me bristle. In short, it *felt malicious.
- Greg Hogben (@MyDaughtersArmy) December 9, 2018

Silverman herself responded to another user, after retweeting Hogben's thread.

Haven’t for years. I did then. I don’t now. See?
But even then (I thought) I was using it comedically as an ally (liberal bubble bullshit, I know now) ❤️
- Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) December 10, 2018

Branum and Virtel

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