Stars cast in untitled Drake Doremus film

Oct 19, 2018 15:40

Shailene Woodley, Jamie Dornan, Sebastian Stan & Matthew Gray Gubler Lead Drake Doremus-CJ Pic, Protagonist For Sales - AFM
- Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) October 18, 2018

In a premise designed seemingly to give OP a migraine, Sebastian Stan and Jamie Dornan are set to compete for the affections of Shailene Woodley in an untitled Drake Doremus flick. Matthew Gray Gubler will also co-star.
CJ Entertainment is financing, developing, and producing.

Past credits from Doremus include Like Crazy (2011), Equals (2015), and Zoe (2018).


Are you succeeding as by-product of your privilege, ontd?

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