BoJack Horseman’s Biggest Mystery: Is Todd Supposed to Be Latino?

Sep 20, 2018 00:04

"We want to get it right. We don’t want to just be a bunch of white people being like, Here's what it’s like being Latino in this country"
- Vulture (@vulture) September 19, 2018

- Despite having entire episodes dedicated to exploring characters backstories, little is known about Todd's past.
- Some people believe he is half-white and half-Latino. Biggest clue: His last name "Chavez".
- Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg says: "I named him Todd Chavez after a guy I went to middle school with, whose last name was Chavez and who I always liked ".
- “I want to be very honest, we have not talked about Todd’s race or cultural heritage a lot,” he added. “We’ve played him as Schrödinger’s Latino, in that he’s not been explicitly not Latino, but we have not told stories about his Latino-ness either,”.
- Does not want to declare Todd a Latino character because he is voiced by Aaron Paul (white) and because of the criticism received with Diane, a Vietnamese-American character voiced by Alison Brie (white).
- Mentions the good public response to Todd's asexuality.
- It is likely Todd's ancestry will be explored in future seasons, but Bob-Waksberg says they want to be respectful and get it right.


just finished season 5!!!! i love this show

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