Director Jason Reitman stages a live reading of "The Breakfast Club" at TIFF

Sep 10, 2018 12:14

The rules at detention: No photos, no videos, no phones.

So...Presenting a Live Sketch from the @JasonReitman #TIFF18 Live Read of THE BREAKFAST CLUB. Join @handdrawndmitry at Shermer High School ✏️
- TIFF (@TIFF_NET) September 9, 2018

• This is the second time Reitman has staged a reading of the John Hughes classic. The first time was in 2011 with Jennifer Garner, Aaron Paul, Mindy Kaling, James Van Der Beek, and Patton Oswalt playing the teens.

5 kids approach The Ryerson Theatre, on a Sunday afternoon.

Bender (Jesse Eisenberg), Claire (Christina Hendricks), Andy ( @aaronpaul_8), Allison (Bel Powley) and Brian ( @stevezissis) are all here ⏰
- TIFF (@TIFF_NET) September 9, 2018

• Aaron Paul also participated in the live reading at TIFF, this time playing Andy (Emilio Estevez's character), while Jesse Eisenberg played Bender. Christina Hendricks (Claire), Bel Powley (Allison), and Steve Zissis (Brian) rounded out the main group.
• Richard E. Grant played Assistant Principal Vernon and Robert Wuhl played Carl the janitor.

On nostalgia, bullies, the colors of OCEAN'S ELEVEN, and why Jesse Eisenberg made a surprisingly good John Bender in THE BREAKFAST CLUB.
- Linda Holmes (@lindaholmes) September 10, 2018

• NPR's Linda Holmes gave the event a positive review, praising Eisenberg's take on Bender and writes about the value of being able to experience an old favorite from a new perspective.
netflix just added the film to their line-up this month. have any ontd-ers rewatched it yet?
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