Lars von Trier Says He ‘Hugged’ Björk and Did Not Sexually Harass Her, Thinks #MeToo Is ‘Brilliant’

May 22, 2018 19:53

Lars von Trier Says He Only ‘Hugged’ Björk and Did Not Sexually Harass Her, Thinks #MeToo Is’ Brilliant’ If Used Correctly
- IndieWire (@IndieWire) May 22, 2018

Björk published a Facebook post last October accusing an anonymous filmmaker of harassing her on set and punishing her when she did not give into his advances.

“You know, 90% of the journalists I spoke to believe that I harassed Björk, but that’s ridiculous because I denied it, but no one wrote it. Because a good story is to write that I harassed her. And this is not the case. I touched her, it’s true. I did it with all my actresses. Because she was doing a really intense job: screaming, being sick…so obviously I hugged her. But if she thinks a hug is harassment, then I think I will not be able to succeed without touching my actors. I did not touch her in the wrong places, I think.”

About the #Metoo movement

“I think the MeToo movement is a brilliant idea. If it’s used the right way, it’s something very important. The problem is that the internet is something that we had not imagined would affect our lives so much. Nobody had thought that this or that could happen. Only that some people repressed in some countries had a way to address the world. I’m just scared that if someone says that person has committed murder or whatever, she’s [not] presumed innocent until proven guilty.”


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