Henry Bolton breaks up with "model" Jo Marney after her racists comments about Meghan Markle

Jan 15, 2018 07:52

#BREAKING: UKIP leader @_HenryBolton tells GMB he split up with Jo Marney last night over racist messages she sent about Meghan Markle and black people.

Watch the full interview: https://t.co/Ek7I7FkTCa @piersmorgan @susannareid100 pic.twitter.com/WWmLHUjEni
- Good Morning Britain (@GMB) January 15, 2018partney

- British UKIP, John, Bolton has broken up with racist- mayonesse-human-trash-lying-age partner Jo Marney after her unspekeable comments about princess to be Meghan Markle.
-  Bolton said "I don’t defend these comments whatsoever,”.
- The “romantic side” of his relationship with "model", ended Sunday night after a “long and upsetting conversation” for both of them. At the moment it is obviously quite incompatible to continue the relationship,” he said. But “I’m going to be continuing to support her family because Jo is absolutely distraught by this.”
- This POS also tried to defend her saying she was "devastated" and the messages came out long time ago.
- Members of UKIP are trying to kick him from the party because of all the drama he is bringing.
- Racist- mayonesse-human-trash-lying-age, Jo Marney has been suspended from the party since then.


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