ONTD ORIGINAL: A look at all the trash men in Hollywood (Part 7)

Nov 28, 2017 21:08

Hollywood's worst kept secret finally received the attention it deserved thanks to the amazing and brave women who came forward with their stories. Harvey Weinstein was properly exposed for the vile piece of shit he truly is. While Hollywood wants to act shocked, there are many more men like Weinstein in the industry whether they are producers or actors. In light of the stories and accusations, I have decided to take a look at all the men in Hollywood who have been accused of abuse or harassment or who are just straight up trash.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke deserves to age as badly as he has considering he is a raging asshole. In 1992, Rourke threatened to kill himself with a hari-hari sword if Carre Otis didn't say yes. Otis also alleges that there was definitely abuse throughout their relationship. She stated that there was enough of it to call it abuse. Rourke allegedly put a gun to Otis' head after she told him she didn't want him going out. Rourke has also defended Johnny Depp and stated that he was not a violent man. Alleged pedophile, Tom Sizemore, called Rourke a "real good Catholic".

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage was arrested in 2011 on charges of domestic abuse in New Orleans. Cage was heavily intoxicated and was angrily fighting with his wife in a tattoo parlor and on the street. Cage allegedly pushed her and punched a few cars.

Terrence Howard aka Baby Wipes

Terrence Howard has been accused of abuse on more than one occasion. In 2000, Howard assaulted a flight attendant when she told him to return to his seat. Howard punched his estranged wife in the face back in 2001 after an argument on the phone. He was also involved in an altercation with two strangers in which he punched a woman in the chest and punched her fiancé to the ground. Howard claims it was self defense. From 2010-2011, Howard was absuive towards his second wife, Michelle Ghent. A week into the marriage, Howard punched her in the face. He also beat her on a balcony and nearly tossed her over while in South Africa. Howard claimed self defense again. In 2012, Howard attacked his mistress May Send Yang while his girlfriend looked on. Yang alleges that he choked her, threw her to the ground, and punched her in the eye. Yang had confronted him about giving her herpes and he acknowledged it. Howard claimed self defense yet again. Howard and Ghent reconciled in 2013 and took a trip together. Howard punched her in the face after Ghent told him it wasn't going to work out. Howard earned his nickname "Baby Wipes" because he thinks that a women who doesn't use baby wipes in conjunction with toiler paper isn't completely clean.

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman was one of the many men accused of sexual harassment after the Weinstein scandal. Hoffman was accused of sexual harassment by the producer of "Genius" back in 1991. Hoffman was 53 at the time while Riss Gatsiounis was in her 20's. Hoffman propositioned her and attempted to persuade her to leave the office and accompany him. In their first meeting, Murray Schisgal asked her if she had a boyfriend or a husband. Hoffman told Schisgal that you can't talk to women like that anymore. During their second meeting, Hoffman asked Gatsiounis if she had ever been intimate with a man over 40. Hoffman continuously persisted and opened his arms. He told her "it would be a whole new body to explore". After turning him down, Schisgal told her they were not interested in her play. Riss left in tears and called her agent in which her agent told her that there have been rumors about Hoffman for years. A production assistant on "Death of a Salesman" accused Hoffman of sexually harassing and assaulting her when she was only 17. Hoffman asked her for a foot massage on the first day of set. She alleges that Hoffman was openly flirtatious and grabbed her ass. Hoffman openly talked about sex to her and in front of her. Hunter went to his dressing room one morning to ask what he wanted for breakfast. Hoffman told her he wanted a hard boiled egg and a soft boiled clitoris. Hoffman's entourage was there at the time and they all laughed. Hunter left his room and went to the bathroom to cry. Later, Hoffman was walking with Stephen Lang and John Malkovich when Dustin yelled at her in front of everyone and asked her if she thought he was a sexist pig. The whole studio overheard their conversation. One week, Hoffman asked her if she had sex over the weekend like he told her. When she said no, he asked her if it was celibate weekend. Dustin also had a conversation about breasts with Hunter, John Malkovich, Arthur Miller, and Stephen Lang. Another production assistant asked him what he wanted for lunch and he told her he wanted her left breast. When she called him disgusting, he then asked for her right breast. The assistant called him a pig and walked away. Hunter walked Hoffman to his limo and he felt her ass four times. She hit him each time and called him a dirty old man. Hoffman was just honored at the Gotham Awards despite these allegations.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood had the family man image on lock but behind that is a man who is mean, abusive, and violent. Eastwood allegedly beat his first wife and cheated on her constantly with women on set. While Eastwood's wife Maggie Johnson wanted a family, Eastwood was messing around with Jane Brolin and got her pregnant. Eastwood forced her to go to Mexico to abort as the scandal would ruin his career and marriage. Fritz Manes, a high school friend of Eastwood's, recalled a time when he knocked Maggie out cold. He has recanted his statement since. It wouldn't be the first or last time he put his hands on her. Eastwood started to openly cheat on Johnson with Sondra Locke, the female star in one of his films. Eastwood and Locke would be pictured arm in arm at parties with his children present. Eastwood forced an abortion on Locke on two separate occasions. While Locke was away filming, Eastwood had the locks on their home changed and left her belongings outside the home. Eastwood has also made some suspect comments about racism.
We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.


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