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Sep 17, 2017 21:55

1. Gucci Spends 550 Hours Creating Custom Dress For Upcoming Björk Video

-The dress was designed by Alessandro Michele and apparently the embroidery alone took 320 hours.
-The dress is made from 5 metres of pleated iridescent PVC plastic material, 3 metres of iridescent strips, and 20 metres of pleated lurex organza.
-Watch the instagram video below for close-ups of the stunning piece!
-You can listen to Björk's new track, The Gate, on Spotify or iTunes now.

2. Tyler The Creator Says Zayn Malik Bailed On Studio Sessions With Him

see you again is getting played on a few stations, awesome, hope i catch it at some point
- Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) September 16, 2017

fun fact: i wrote 'see you again' for zayn but that bitch flaked on studio time twice, so i kept the ref for myself, worked out actually
- Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) September 16, 2017

3. Musicians Cancelling St. Louis Shows

-Protests have been taking place in St.Louis, Mo. in the United States after an officer was acquitted of killing Anthony Lamar Smith.
-So far, both U2 and Ed Sheeran have cancelled shows citing safety concerns.
-Bono left the following message on U2's instagram page:

Deeply saddened at what has happened in St. Louis and having to cancel our show tonight….I found myself reading Dr. King’s speech from the National Cathedral and asking myself is this 1968 or 2017? - Bono
“Human progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability….we are coming to ask America to be true to the huge promissory note that it signed years ago. And we are coming to engage in dramatic nonviolent action, to call attention to the gulf between promise and fulfillment; to make the invisible visible.”

4. MTV Unplugged Is Back (And Nobody Cares).

-Carly Slay and Lorde performed with...Jack Antonoff *eyeroll*
-MTV spelled Queen Carly's name incorrectly in the video title - they continue to be flops.

image Click to view

-Last week's debut featuring Shawn Mendes apparently only drew 181,000 viewiers (ouch).

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