Katy Perry collaborates with homophobic rappers weeks after accepting National Equality Award

Apr 27, 2017 18:32

Katy Perry collaborates with 'homophobic' rapper weeks after accepting Equality Award:https://t.co/6OJyqlCzNj pic.twitter.com/mUrMlHtaTt
- Attitude (@AttitudeMag) April 27, 2017
  • weeks after she recieved the GLAAD National Equality Award, pop singer Katy Perry has angered her fans and activists
  • The second single from her "wokepop" album is a collaboration with the homophobic hip hop trio MIGOS
  • MIGOS gave their controversial opinion about musician iLoveMakonnen, who had recently come out as gay. When talking about the star coming out of the closet, MIGOS told Rolling Stone: “They supported him? That’s because the world is fu**ed up. This world is not right.”
  • ​Later, they claimed that they can't be homophobic because they have a track with Frank Ocean
  • Katy Perry has previously been criticized by the LGBTQ+ community for her questionable lyrics in her songs You're So Gay and I Kissed A Girl

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