ONTD Original: 25 ALLEGED Domestic Abusers Who Got Away With it (by Suffering no Career Backlash)

May 30, 2016 01:27

In the light of recent events, some of us might naively wonder whether the domestic abuse allegations will hurt Johnny Depp's career.

[Spoiler (click to open)]They won't.

Hollywood, being the sausage fest that we all know and love, likes to turn a blind eye to anything that might interfere with the cash flow.

Let's drink some tea, shall we?

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untxi May 30 2016, 01:27:58 UTC
she was stuuuning in unfaithful & ita with you on all counts.

but they just looked so so pretty together in rumble fish <3


divanetta84 May 30 2016, 04:52:40 UTC
Rusty James!

Btw, I hate that I find Mickey Rourke so attractive in that movie :X


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