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Sep 25, 2007 23:00

Giles wandered down the hall, enjoying the post-well brewed-quality tea leaves-glow.

Running feet, rapidly running - 'Slayer' he had time to think - he had started to turn in a defensive crouch when he was grabbed around the middle and carried/shoved into the nearest office. The door slammed just as he recovered enough breath to growl "Bloody hell".


He was correct in thinking Slayer, for a slightly out of breath Head Slayer stood before him.

"Buffy?!" he exclaimed, but she was somewhat agitated and not listening"...no other door, window, 10th floor, crap..".

Claws smashed through the door (8 claws, unusual, a distant piece of his mind noted and began flipping through itself for 8-clawed demon facts). He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the wardrobe, "Reinforced Mahogany" he said, opening the door.

"Kinda small" she squeaked.

A louder crash at the door (his catalogue noticed a large orange leg and began cross-referencing orange leg with 8 claws).

He was already inside the wardrobe looking out at her - his arm gathered her in and he closed the wardrobe door just as a large orange T.Rex-like biped broke through the office door.

"So now he just beats on this..box..til it breaks?!" she hissed. She was primed for battle, not for hiding like a cornered rat.

"Magically reinforced." he whispered, "Fireproof, chemical resistant, breathable air via Willow's 'dimensional pipeline', floats, Xander put a GPS beacon in it", his voice rose to normal volume,"lockable door and I don't know what else. Andrew, Xander and Willow put these in every office after their 'safety audit'."

Loud crashing and growling from the outside.

"Oh, good. That's good. Will was pretty psyched about their 'Safe Closet'. This would be one." As the fight response left her she noticed how little room she had to move. "I can see where the 'closet' part comes from."

The wardrobe shook as the demon pounded on the walls.

"Andrew wanted to call them 'Wonder Wardrobes' but Xander vetoed that, quite loudly as I recall."

Wet-sounding zappp! followed by a very high-pitched growl from outside.

"There's a team coming to get the demon", Buffy reported to shaking of furious pounding outside, "I was in the 'Clear Civilians' group."

Snort from the Watcher. "I'm hardly a civilian. Have you been eating enough?"

Louder zapp!

"OK, the 'Clear Non-Slayers' group, yes I eat enough, I'm a big girl now Giles." She had no room to put her hands on her hips, settling instead for hands resting lightly on his chest plus a glower - no use in the dark wardrobe.

The demon was now biting at the wardrobe, having quickly tired of the 'electric fence' ward.

"No, you're a tiny woman, Buffy. I'm well aware you could break me into pieces, you have in the past. Right here, right now, it's rather unavoidable how petite you are."

Glass breaking.Yells and growls. Things were getting loud.

"Yes well, if we're talking right here, right now you're taking up most of the space. I'd forgotten how..tall.. you are." Her hands slid slowly up his chest.

"I'm a big man."

"You never used to be. You've got wide shoulders, when did that happen?"

A hand on each of his shoulders.

She felt him laugh, "I've been fully grown since before you were born, young lady, thank you for reminding me."

"Never noticed before. Everybody is taller than me, I stopped noticing it."

Hands sliding down from his shoulders.

Sudden silence - no yells, growls or anything breaking.

"I'm over 6 feet tall, Buffy. Have been for a while."


"Stay still, will you? There's a battle outside and all I can call what you're doing is 'groping'!"

"Oh go with it, Giles. Loosen up."

"Fine." he pulled her wrists behind her back and lifted her to face height with both of his arms around her waist. "You haven't been eating properly, you're terribly light."

"Buffy? Giles? You can come out now!" Willow yelled, "The clean-up crew just left."

"Tomorrow night you will join me for dinner, Buffy. Be ready by seven." He put her down and opened the door.

"Well done, Willow. The Safety Closet was a resounding success. I have some suggestions, if you'd care to hear them."

They walked off, leaving a bewildered Buffy standing and breathing somewhat rapidly.

"Was the air supply sufficient, Ms. Summers? A report on this action is in your in-box."

A girl with her hand on her ear was standing there, connected to Slayer central.

"Air was fine, thanks, I've gotta go shopping." she said, and made good her escape.

"You heard her, cheat death and go shopping! She is so cool!"

Laughter from the earpiece.

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