KS Big Bang 2014 art for rabidchild

Sep 11, 2014 12:58

Art for rabidchild's fantastic entry to ksbigbang 2014 - a dark, yet uplifting story of two passionate, self-destructive people falling apart and falling in love. Personally, I would describe this fic as "red-lit," and that was the motivating idea behind my artwork (you'll see what I mean).

Title: I’ll Find My Soul as I Go Home
Author: rabidchild
Series: AOS 80's AU
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: Mature
Content Notice: underage; prostitution; past child abuse; attempted sexual assault
Summary: Spock is a lonely post-graduate student at Columbia who is just coming to terms with being gay. Jim is a bright, vivacious young man with as many secrets as scars. They both find an outlet for their emotions in the alternative club scene in late 1980s Manhattan - and in each other. But will Jim’s dark past ruin the tenuous relationship they’ve built?

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star trek xi, kirk/spock, pretty boys, big bang, fanart, au

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