Pipe Dreams

Oct 15, 2012 13:31

It's been a while since I've done anything Lewis related, so I drew some Lewis/Hathaway art to fix that up. And then of course, I couldn't help myself and had to draw some John/Sherlock too. *sigh* The Sherlock fandom is like a damn weed, it just gets into everything! But I can't really complain, because I love it. :)

These pics are really massive so I'm putting them below a cut even though they're completely work-safe. Click for fullsize (just remember: really massive!).


Image credits: listal for reference pics, wikicommons for the Milky Way texture, bashcorpo at deviantart for paper texture.

Also, in other random news, I will be in Ann Arbor this weekend visiting family. Anyone live nearby and up for a coffee? My treat! :)

lewis, hurt/comfort, lewis/hathaway, fanart, john/sherlock

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