Art for 'Negotiation Theory'

Oct 14, 2012 22:20

I meant to post this tomorrow, but I'm jumping the gun a bit. It's for your own good my dears: another minute spent without the witty, smutty brilliance that is peeveee's Negotiation Theory is a minute without sunshine. I can't get enough of peevee's characterization of fem!Mycroft in this fic: she's the perfect incarnation of Mycroft as he appears in Sherlock, yet at the same time intensely feminine. She's both manipulative and needy, unbelievably intelligent and charmingly obtuse (in certain situations), vain and funny and gloriously imperfect. I adore how confident she is in her own sexuality, and how John responds to that confidence. Anyway, I'll stop gushing now and get on with the art. :)

I've been considering illustrating a specific scene or two from this fic, but honestly...I can't choose which one!  :-/  Any requests??

john/mycroft, fanart, genderswap, recs

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