Kinkmeme prompt sketches

Oct 12, 2012 19:18

Five sketches prompted on the meme, including MorMor in a hot tub, interrogation room sex, corgi!Holmeses, Mycroft's secret weapon and genderswapped Mystrade.

Given the range of prompts, all not-safe-for-work art is under a spoiler cut just in case. As always, click to see an image full size!

1. Prompt: draw Moriarty and Moran in a hot tub, please :)

2. Prompt: Mycroft and Greg, interrogation room sex. Bonus: John and Sherlock on the other side of the glass (reaction up to you)


3. Prompt: Mycroft playing with the Queen's corgis Okay, fail on this, have some corgi!Mycroft and corgi!Sherlock instead:

4. Prompt: Mycroft in just his underpants. AKA Mycroft's secret weapon. ;)

[semi-NSFW (partial nudity)]

5. Prompt: Mycroft as Lestrade's slave  now with added genderswap for kicks!

[semi-NSFW (mild BDSM)]

Image credits: listal,, wikicommons (for the corgis and the hot tub, surprisingly). "Keep Calm" logo shamelessly pirated off google. 

femslash, mycroft/lestrade, smut, john/sherlock, the damn corgis, genderswap, keep calm, what the heck is this, sherlock bbc, mycroft, fanart, red pants, au, fluff

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