JWP 06: Kidnapped!

Aug 04, 2012 17:42

So...I was planning to participate in the Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts challenge. I really was. I even started drawing this way back during the first week of prompts (lol). Then work came along and ate my life for breakfast, so I'm only posting it now. This is so late, it probably doesn't deserve a participant icon, but I really wanted to use one! ;_; So please forgive me.

Title: Kidnapped!
Characters: John, Sherlock
Rating: Gen
Notes: Drawn for watsons_woes JWP prompt 6: you must use four of the six random words in your fic (I chose thirteen, green, ice, and meeting). Everyone knows kidnappings are bad for jumpers Sherlock, silly boy.


humor, sherlock bbc, fanart, jwp, friendship, casefic, genderswap

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